Urban Chromatography – Mediacities 2013

Generative Video Processing with Neural Networks


First Neurovision Workshop. May 5th 2013, Buffalo NY.



The NeuroVision Sandbox was created during the Development of Transits, a generative video artwork by Ursula Damm and Martin Schneider.

Chromatographic Ballads

This Installation will allow visitors to direct the “Neural Chromatographic Orchestra”, using an EPOC Emotiv Brain device.

Neurovision Blog

Authors and Funding

The Neurovision Sandbox was created by Martin Schneider in collaboration with Ursula Damm.
Development was partially funded by Mediacities 2013.

We are planning to turn the Neurovision Sandbox into a free and open-source platform in late 2013.
You can get early access by taking part in one of our workshops.